◆ Main memberships(In 2012)

Codenames(Post) Last article that posted organs. (M=Modern Military Y=Yo-soro)
ASM(President) ・・・ "Why F-35 was decided for Japanese F-X?"(M6)
SaintHorizon(Vice-President) ・・・ "Bakumatsu Restoration and Boshin War of my ancestors"(M6)
Mikasa(Second Vice-President) ・・・ ""Akitsu-Maru",a aircraft carrier of Japan Imperial Army"(M6)
Takeda(Accountant) ・・・ "Military Society,my impressions of Comprehensive Firing Exercise"(Y3)
Okamoto(Old name:Totsugeki-Ichiban) (Veteran) ・・・ "The tragedy of Italian Futurism"(M6)
Zaki(Spokesman) ・・・ Some of "Military Society revue"(M5)

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