Because we are authorized circle, we have a club room and a locker that lended by university.
In the locker, there are books, uniforms, and picture books etc. If you are member, you can read them at any time. A part of books are able to be brow, so you can study thoroughly, and publish that's result on organs.
Because there are often someone in the room, you can talk about not only military but also music or registration. If you meet them in lunch time, you can go to eat lunch together.
And, we have capacity to think about military history before modern times and general modern history, so we welcome people that interested them.


We publish two kinds organs now. One of them is "Modern Military", the main purpose of it is to publish the result of member's study. The other is "Yo-soro", the main purpose of it is to interest many student in pleasure of military, reports of study by observation about military installation and event.
Both organs are written, printed, and binded by member's selfs.

About activity
Acitivity of 2011 is as in the following.

Activity of 2011
April ・・・ (We can't do any things because closure of the university due to 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.)
May ・・・ We went to Yokosuka on a welcome excursion for new students.And we participate in a sailing experience of JMSDF Training Squadron.
June ・・・ We prepared to publish "Modern Military 5."
July We published and distributed "Modern Military 5."
August ・・・ We went to see Fuji Comprehensive Firing Exercise.
September ・・・ We sampled U.S.ARMY's MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) and observed Japanese Ministry of Defense.
October ・・・ We published and distributed "Yo-soro 3." And, we prepared to 64th Hosei festival in Ichigaya campus.
November ・・・ We exhibited at 64th Hosei festival in Ichigaya campus.
December ・・・ We opened 1st study meeting and a year-end party.
January ・・・ We went to see JGSDF 1st Airborne Brigade 2012 first drop manuver.
February ・・・ We published and distributed "Modern Military 6."
March We prepared to the welecome festival for new students.
Usually, we going to bookstores to find military-related books and going to military shops to see military uniforms, and talking about them in club room.
In periods of preparation, we are a little busy, but it won't cause much trouble if we work together.
About drinking party, we imitate the way of drinking that doesn't spend much money. Because, it isn't a lot of the amount of drinking and drinking opportunity, so this circle is safe for people who are unable to drink much.


We had gone to see Fuji Comprehensive Firing Exercise, and had participated in Comic Market, Black Hole, and Victory Show.
In this circle, it is not allowed to speak discriminatory remarks, malicious slanders, and to praise specially ideologies that must not be left as jokes.

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